Michael Bell

Owner, Director and head honcho of all things

Michael is the founder, owner and director/producer of Playhouse.

With his background in music and improvised theatre and comedy, he began Playhouse in 2009, starting with a small tour which has grown and grown with every year. From 60 schools in year one, the troupe now performs to over 700 schools across NZ and Australia.

Michael’s ability to engage with people and sell his vision makes him a magnet for like-minded enthusiastic, creative people who are working with him to produce the shows. Also he keeps the office ticking to book in the many schools that take up the offer and re-book the tour year after year.

His attention to detail is evident in the costumes, the props, the music and the quality of the script, not to mention casting the performers. Michael is the leader that both the actors and the support crew back at home base look to and he believes that people who work with him need to be valued and encouraged.

Occasionally he heads out in the van to road trip with the actors, making sure everyone is happy and the show is top notch – just “as you like it”! And he’s even been known to don a costume from time to time…

Shakespeare: As You Write It

Simply put, without this entrepreneur, Playhouse wouldn’t exist. Thanks, Michael!

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