Catherine Bryant

Tour Bookings Manager, Schedule Set-er-Up-er

Bringing joy to the world, Catherine loves to help people and what better person to manage the intricate job of school bookings and touring schedules.

Catherine is a jazz performer and composer who took a circuitous route to get there. First she studied classical piano and clarinet, then progressed to composition, before discovering a love of jazz. Now a well-known and recognised Jazz Pianist around Canterbury, Catherine plays gigs and events always delighting in making music that takes people to a happy place.

Catherine’s current bands are Le Choix and the Alex Bryant Duo. She has played in the Hanmer, Martinborough, Nelson and Christchurch Jazz Festivals.

Anything Catherine does, she does well gaining many accolades and prizes for her music and composition. And she puts all that perfectionism to great use in her role at Playhouse. She makes schedules at least a year ahead and takes the lead in disseminating that information, emailing and calling thousands of schools across Australia and New Zealand. She follows up questions and provides information, she schedules each performance including drivetimes in between gigs, she sends out resources and collates feedback to make sure adjustments and improvements are made as required. Some would say she has a total quality management approach to all she does, but she would say she’s just doing her job. Because Catherine doesn't need the limelight – she does her job, does it well, delights in making all the jigsaw puzzle pieces fit, all the while checking teachers and Arts Co-ordinators are more than delighted along the way.

When Catherine's is not working hard at Playhouse, playing music for others or just helping others out, she enjoys the outdoors especially the beach, boating and the family bach!

Her love of adventure and beauty mean that Catherine secretly longs to be an underwater explorer. In fact Catherine reminds us of happy little Nemo, a young-at heart fish with a long list of fantastic friends and a thirst for exploring and learning new things. Catherine – you rock, dude!

Catherine Wells