The Tortoise and the Hare

By Gregory Cooper • For ages 5-13

After beating the Gingerbread Man in the finals of ‘Who’s the Fastest Of Them All?’ everyone knows The Hare is the undisputed ‘Master of Faster’ and if they don’t they soon will thanks to the Hare’s boasting and gloating about their momentous momentum. In fact, the only creature the harebrained Hare hasn’t beaten in a race is the Tortoise, but why bother when everyone knows it would be a walk-over and a run-over. Or maybe not.

For some strange reason the Gingerbread Man thinks the Tortoise could beat the Hare and for some very strange reason so does the Tortoise!  Perhaps it has something to do with the very very strange piper dressed in pied clothing with a German accent who’s just arrived to escape the rat-race…

This adventurous and interactive adaptation of Aesop's beloved fable will have your students (and teachers) laughing and learning about diversity, kindness and how to be a real winner.

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