High School

The Complete Works of Homer (abridged)

The Iliad and the Odyssey, composed approximately 3000 years ago, are still two of the most influential works of western literature. But who has time to actually read them? Well…we do! Join us as we take Homer’s tales of epic battles, interfering gods, and fantastical journeys, retelling the epic saga in under an hour… with only two actors. Zeus help us!

Performed in 2012 by Shayne Forrest and Aimee Forrest
Written by Brendon Bennetts & Directed by Greg Cooper

Students and staff alike enjoyed this show. The sheer energy, delivery and inclusion of many aspects (audience participation, soapies, current affairs) made the show really enjoyable. The actors had great skill and worked the audience well. Top stuff NZ!!!!

- Huonville High School, Tasmania

I had some very positive feedback from the students. They thoroughly enjoyed the show. I had one Year 7 student come up to me after the performance had finished and say ‘Miss, that was the best!'

- John McGlashan College, Dunedin

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