High School

Shakespeare: As You Write It

By Brendon Bennetts • For Ages 5 - 13, Terms 1 - 4

Back by popular demand (with a super-duper fresh coat of paint to keep it new for our previous As You Write It audiences).

Shakespeare: As You Write It is a hilarious tribute to the plays of the Bard, a hugely entertaining way of introducing (or re-introducing) Shakespeare.

Three fantastic actors collaborate with the audience to create a brand new Shakespearian play. The actors can adapt to suit the age range and any prior knowledge of your students.

To achieve this they look under the hood and demonstrate what makes Shakespeare tick. They explore his world and recreate his obstacles - What makes a tragedy a tragedy? A comedy a comedy?

Shakespeare’s building blocks - scenes, similes, soliloquies and sword fights, poetry, prose and iambic pentameter - are all mixed together in a witches’ brew of fun-filled theatre.

Your students will laugh so much they won’t realise how much they have learned!

Devised and Directed by Brendon Bennetts Performed by our 2016 NZ troupe

Very professional with a wealth of knowledge and an obvious love of Shakespeare. Many companies claim to appeal to teenagers and teach at the same time as entertain but very few can do it. Our students (and staff) loved it. One of the best incursions we’ve had. Brilliant experience: insightful, entertaining, inclusive and hilarious. Thanks so much.

- The Geelong College, Geelong

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