High School

Shakespeare: As You Write It 2011

Shakespeare: As You Write It is a hilarious improvised tribute to the plays of William Shakespeare.

Three improvisers will collaborate with the audience to create a brand new Shakespeare play.

To achieve this they will have to look under the hood with the audience and see what makes Shakespeare tick.

What makes a tragedy a tragedy? A comedy a comedy?

To build a new play we must first understand the building blocks that Shakespeare used. Scenes, similes, soliloquies, and sword fights. Poetry, prose, and iambic pentameter. All mixed together in a witches’ brew of improvisation. All but one hour’s traffic on your stage.

Performed in 2011 by Brendon Bennetts, Dan Bain and Ralph McCubbin-Howell
Devised by Brendon Bennetts

Our ‘seniors’ were originally sceptical... but absolutely loved the show. Perfectly adapted to the senior girls here and really ‘on their level’ with the banter. Brilliant. The actors were ace guys; who turned up, set up and got on with it... easy to arrange and deal with the entire process from start to finish. Cannot wait for next year... thanks again and well done for a fab show.

- Woodford House, Havelock North

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