Jack Flash and the Jumping Beanstalk

It’s an environmental emergency of preposterous proportions! Giant pieces of garbage keep dropping on the hapless inhabitants of A Land Far Far Away and nobody knows who’s responsible.

As usual when anything bad happens, all eyes turn to Jack Flash, the young boy with a long history of practical jokes and mischief making. The Mayor even decides to ‘cowfiscate’ his favourite cow and only friend Daisy as punishment.

Jack knows the only way to clear his name is to find out who this giant litterbug really is, and with the help of a feisty Mexican Jumping Bean determined to sprout, Jack begins the climb of his life.

This laugh-a-minute interactive adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk will have your school (including teachers) on the edge of their seats from start to finish as they join Jack in his quest to save the environment.

Performed in 2015 by Zak Enayat, Rebekah Head, Nick Goudie, Emma Cusdin, Olly Humphries and Kieren Kleinschmidt
Written and Directed by Greg Cooper

The play was brilliant! All of our students found it very entertaining as did the staff. It was a wonderful display which enhanced our learning in Drama, literature and environmental responsibility. We especially thank you for fitting us in after our school was closed due to flooding on our originally scheduled day.

- Deception Bay, Australia

Staff and students alike were very impressed with the show. The subject was an excellent choice and hit exactly the right level for our students. The cast was professional and friendly. I was particularly impressed with the many spontaneous interactions with our students whenever they were unexpectedly on stage with you or added some new lines to the script! Thank you for accommodating our children’s enthusiasm to get up and dance with you. Please come again.

- Brisbane, Australia

Thank you very much for a fantastic show. Our students (and staff!) absolutely loved it. The feedback was very positive and was a great way to demonstrate skills we have been working on in Performing Arts in the lead up to our own school concert. Also thank you for quick replies to emails!

- Melbourne, Australia

The show was well suited for our Junior School students, Years 1-6. The pace and dynamics, set, costuming and use of music was all well designed and executed, and the updated “green” content alongside references to classics was cleverly interwoven. Nice energetic performers and the girls enjoyed the interaction with the cast whenever it came up.

- Christchurch, NZ

We always have a wonderful time when the New Zealand Playhouse comes to visit. This year was outstanding! We loved that the humour appealed to all ages with a storyline that all of our children could understand, and relate to. So much energy and enthusiasm on the stage and the singing was wonderful.

- Alexandra, NZ

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