High School

Great Scott Fitzgerald! Gatsby Unleashed

By Gregory Cooper • For ages 11-18 yrs, Terms 1-4

The Great Gatsby, one of the greatest novels in American history, evokes visions of glamour, desire and decadence, tinged with a splash of jazz, and perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio in a tuxedo.

But as we recreate the story of Gatsby, we're going to need to dive beneath the dazzling surface and unleash a world of materialism, explore the symbolism and delve deeper into the concepts of society, class, old versus new money and the post-war state of the American Dream.

We bring the 1920s to you, as we tell the story of The Great Gatsby with a massive dose of humour, honesty and insight. In this hilarious production, bad wigs, pop culture references and jubilant jazz hands will engage your students as they learn about what makes The Great Gatsby such an enduring 20th-century classic.

 "Great Scott Fitzgerald! Gatsby Unleashed"

  • Explores the themes, context and setting of The Great Gatsby
  • Draws students into Gatsby's world and presents ideas in a way that 2017 audiences can relate to (and has everyone in hysterics)
  • Aligns with both English and Drama learning areas
  • Is presented in a fast-paced broad comedic style (containing aspects of satire, parody and comedy of manners)
  • Comes with complementary teaching resources for additional classroom work. 
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