Brace yourself for this hilarious Greg Cooper adaptation of a timeless fairy tale. This audience-interactive musical pantomime has three actors playing nine characters including an over-the-top opera diva, a love-struck clock, an eco-friendly fairy godmother and a birdy-dancing prince – all within one hour.

The kids (and teachers) will be laughing from start to finish, but in amongst the comedy, songs and dancing, the play will include educational material which teachers can discuss in the classroom after the play. We provide free teaching resources including worksheets and lesson plans for drama and creative writing!

Performed in 2009 by Javier Jarquin, Laura O’Loughlin and Hannah Wheeler
Written by Greg Cooper and directed by Markus Hoetjes

I feel that this show was without a doubt one of the best visiting performing arts show we have experienced in a long time. The behaviour of the cast was professional and their preparation must have been thorough. My senior primary class have expressed their enthusiasm for the performance as well and this is definitely a commendation. Well done people. We can’t wait for you to return with your next show.

- Timaru

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