CHILLED: A Cool Story with a Warm Message

By Jared Corbin and Vanessa Wells • For ages 5 to 13

Chilled – Antarctic Touring Theatre Show for Schools

NZ Playhouse is going Antarctic!

The ice is melting, the icebergs are cracking up, and Nataliya finds herself in the thick of it. Encountering local wildlife along the way, the team must work together to brave the elements and fulfil their mission: saving the world from climate change.

But chances are... they might learn something about Antarctica as they go!

From the play’s hilarious beginning to its satisfying and upbeat ending, this audience-interactive story will have your whole audience from age 5 to 13 laughing so hard that they won’t even notice they’re learning.

This play will provide 45 minutes of the high quality theatre, exciting adventure narratives and fascinating characters New Zealand Playhouse is known for, and, as usual, will include clear links to the literacy and arts areas of the curriculum. 

Not only that, thanks to Antarctica NZ, we also travelled to the ice to write this play and do the topic justice, and for schools who choose to use the show as a starting point to delve deeper into the topic of Antarctica, the International Antarctic Centre have come on board to collaborate in creating this year's teaching resources to help teachers prepare relevant lessons. 

We're grateful for the support of:

Antarctica New Zealand  Elanti Media

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For ages 5 to 13


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