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BotFarm – Rise of the Appliances

BotFarm brings George Orwell’s Animal Farm kicking and squealing out of 1945, straight through 1984 and right into 2014.

What is it like in a world where hidden cameras are always watching you, where those who call themselves friends can turn into your worst enemy, and where even your household appliances can’t be trusted?

Join our three actors as they explore dystopian novels, socialism, totalitarianism, class distinctions and exploitation, in a setting that students can relate to – today’s media culture. “BotFarm 2014: Rise of the Appliances” (for ages 11-18) will have your Drama and English departments enthralled and inspired with a hilarious combination of acting and conversation, puppetry and role switching, and will give students new insight into George Orwell’s classic, “Animal Farm”.

Performed in 2014 by Josh Butler, Monique Clark, Luke Agnew, Jack Marshall, Ben Freeth and Jane Leonard
Written and Directed by Greg Cooper

Our Year 8 and 9 students really enjoyed Botfarm 2014 – Rise of the Appliances. The show conveyed the key elements of dystopia – particularly Orwell’s Animal Farm – in a fun, accessible format. The pop culture references were appreciated, and the physicality of the performance made for lots of humour.

- Canberra Girls’ Grammar School, Canberra, Australia

Fantastic! We all enjoyed a very clever, very funny performance which introduced the students to such a wide variety of performance techniques as well as stimulating their own creativity.

- Burnside High School, Christchurch

I thought it was excellent – in terms of script, concept and performance. The students were enthusiastic afterwards and wanted to discuss the political themes covered. This is particularly impressive. I certainly would like to book you next year if you’re touring Western Australia again.

- Murdoch College, Perth

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