High School

Battle of the Blaggards

By David Ladderman • For ages 11-18 (particularly good for seniors)

Battle of the Blaggards (formerly Battle of the Bastards) has won Best Of The Fringe in Canada’s Toronto Fringe Festival, and Critic's Choice at the World Buskers Festival, and now variety entertainer David Ladderman is here to harness the power of swordfights, old timey buzzwords and a squishy pumpkin to tour this show to New Zealand high schools. This is King Lear like you've never seen it before with amazing sword fights, hilarious audience participation and a thorough explanation of both the play and Shakespeare's language...

If you like Shakespeare you should probably watch this show. If you don’t like Shakespeare you should definitely watch this show.

Breaking from Playhouse tradition, we're teaming up with Rollicking Entertainment to bring you this glorious one-hander all about King Lear's super-villain. So strap on your codpiece and get ready for the grisly and raucously funny story!

Our teaching resources (included free with the show) have been designed by teachers for teachers, and will include the following:

  • Lists of activities organised into NCEA English and Drama standards to make them super easy for teachers to use.
  • Drama activities that can be recycled by teachers and used again
  • Director's notes on technical aspects of the show - sound, costume, props etc. which can be used for the Drama Live Performance standard
  • Notes on the playwright, Dave Ladderman, and his inspiration for the show, including connections with other practitioners/concepts
  • A professional quality video of the show so that you can watch again with your students and use for exam revision

"David’s ability to engage an audience with his physical transformations, as well as demystify Elizabethan text for students makes Battle of the Bastards a joy to behold. I heartily recommend this as a brilliant show for students of English and Drama." - Peter Rutherford, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

"One of the most inventive, intelligent shows you’ll see" - NZ International Comedy Festival

"The show is dazzling" - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“...ideally suited in tone, content and length as a touring piece for senior English and drama students, for it is charmingly didactic without ever being patronising or gauche.” - Dr. Erin Harrington, Theatreview

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