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Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia! Thank you so much for your support of Australia Playhouse and New Zealand Playhouse over the years we have been coming to you. Sadly we haven't quite built up as much audience as we need in these states so we are going to regroup for 2-3 years, restructure our schedules, and hope to be back to you soon. We'd love to know though, when we come back from a break, could we count on you to have us back?

Victorians and Tasmanians! Great news. We're making some changes but we'll look forward to being back to see you next year. Please read on for the news and click the appropriate box as to whether you'd like to book us in.

So, what's happening? Australia Playhouse has enjoyed a good few years employing lots of Aussies and touring the whole country. New Zealand Playhouse started in 2009 and a lot of you have supported us since we started touring Australia in 2012, for which we are truly grateful. In 2015 we opened our sister company Australia Playhouse and employed lots of Australian actors and creatives. As most of you will have seen, we often switch the casts around so there's always a Kiwi in Australia and there's always an Aussie in New Zealand. The relationships we've formed between the two countries have been fantastic and won't be going anywhere.

As we've rapidly expanded around Australia, we've also had a few growing pains and we've made the decision to consolidate for a while by shortening our Australian tours in some states and giving our Australian high school offering a break.

So, in 2019, New Zealand Playhouse will be back! The same great shows as Australia Playhouse has been bringing you, the same creative team, you'll just hear more kiwi accents (and possibly still some Australian accents!) and we might even talk about Australia's little sibling a little bit in question time if the kids ask.

That was really just a long way of going about saying... we really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Australian High Schools! Thank you so very much for your support of Australia Playhouse and New Zealand Playhouse over the years we have been coming to you. We've grown so rapidly across Australasia we've had some growing pains and need to regroup for a while. This means NZ Playhouse will take over the Australian primary school shows again and we'll probably take a wee break from bringing our high school offering over. There is still a chance NZ Playhouse could bring a high school tour over given enough interest though, so we'd love to know, if we do manage to make it back soon, would you like to see us again?

Thanks again so much for having our show and we'll look forward to hopefully seeing you next year!

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