Raymond Rolley


Everybody really will love Raymond! Enthusiastic, Captain-America-handsome and full of the joie de vivre, this tall windswept surfer is going to be a hit with the students. Raymond is from the Sunshine Coast in Australia but with Maori parentage (the northern Ngāpuhi Tribe). Raymond dreamed of being a full-time surfer until he got involved with “Little Shop Of Horrors” at High School and from then was hooked on drama. It became a place where he belonged and he has not looked back.

After school, he studied musical theatre at the Conservatorium of Music in Mackay (Queensland) and AIM in Sydney (NSW). Experienced in travelling theatre, (he was Buddy the Clown in a travelling safety circus) he is looking forward to visiting schools and meeting people from different backgrounds. Raymond is constantly on the go, even in his head, so if he zones out in front of you, he’ll most likely be in his happy place creating new contemporary dance moves (shades of The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty).

If Raymond was a cartoon he would totally be SpongeBob SquarePants: he has extraordinary amounts of enthusiasm for apparently mundane things, his head really is square, and he truly is always “Ready!”

ray small