Rachael Lundy

Playhouse Tour Coordinator

Fluid dancer, orange hair, cheeky smile, with a thirst for new life experiences, this fantastic bundle of fun comes from Christchurch but is well travelled. Having studied English and Gender studies at Otago University, Rachael then had a variety of jobs and flew to various exotic destinations including Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where she was a full-time bellydancer.

Arriving back in NZ she looked for work in the Arts industry and was snapped up here to be our latest tour coordinator. With her international experience, communications skills, diplomacy and ability to be a chameleon, she has quickly developed into our chief Australian tour coordinator.

When she’s not dancing up a delight, teaching dancing or chatting away on the phone to schools across Australia and New Zealand, Rachael can be found fossicking around thrift shops hunting out amazing fashion bargains, or chilling out with her family. She also enjoys knitting but gets frustrated when she drops a stitch!

Rachael’s favourite superhero is Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls. She says she likes him because he’s a great role model for fathers everywhere but we all know she secretly is Blossom (the red-headed one) because she can go from super sweet to super kick-ass in a nano-second just like Blossom!

Rachael small