Michael Sinclair


Melbourne born and bred, Mike is not Magic, but might just be one of the most versatile entertainers we have on board! From Mornington (in his primary years) and Sandringham (secondary schooling), Mike got hooked on theatre when he saw his sister doing Alice in Wonderland and so began his love of the performing arts.

He took up musical theatre when he was 14 and intended to do a tertiary qualification but was offered a real acting job and has never looked back. Benjamin Bunny in the Tales of Peter Rabbit (with Garry Ginivan Attractions) was his first professional character and he loved the gig so much he has done three national tours of the show, and another four tours with Tony Bones Entertainment. Voice over, barbershop quartets, fight choreography and puppetry are all in his repertoire. Recently Mike worked as a puppet coordinator creating/performing with huge giants and dragons!

Mike has also workshopped for Disney when they were creating the characters for The Lion King – his character was the meerkat Timone – and ever since, Timone has been a fav character of his. It suits him too – he’s short, quirky, clever and just a little bit rascally, just like Timone!

In his leisure time, Mike is a closet nerd and history buff, and is very into singing, in fact, he wants to become an Opera singer! Big dreams, Mike – Go for it!

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