Katherine Kennedy


Bubbly Kat is a natural dancer, has a grin like the Cheshire Cat, and moves lithely like a feline, but these are not her only claims to fame. She’s also performed with the Otago Dancers at Disneyland, and taken dance classes in LA. Born in Mangere East, Kat went to Papatoetoe North Primary and Marcellin College and then to Otago University graduating with a BA (Hon) in Arts specialising in Theatre Studies and Dance.

She’s been performing since she was knee-high to a weta, and that’s not surprising considering her parents (pre-progeny) dabbled in theatre, singing and dance. So picking up the mantle, she plays classical guitar, flute and keyboards, dances, sings and is building a life in theatre and performing arts.

Kat is super excited to be touring with New Zealand Playhouse, and is looking forward to travelling all over NZ (and Australia) and meeting new people along the way.

Kat’s favourite Disney princess is The Little Mermaid, and perhaps that’s why she moves so fluidly! Kat and Rebekah should get together and talk shell clothing, dingle-hoppers, and how to avoid eels!

kat small