Harrison Ryder

Tour Manager, Go-Go-Gadget man

Harri (or Harrison) is someone you want to be with in a crisis. Quick thinking, resourceful, logical, driven and talented, open and warm, he was snapped up by Michael Bell in 2014, and has been running the roving troupe of performers in NZ and across the ditch ever since.

A graduate of Linwood College and Hagley Theatre Company here in Chch, Harri has done acting, writing and directing. But in this Tour Manager role, Harri brings together all his talents, strengths and passions. And there is always something new happening so he doesn’t get bored.

His attention to detail and his ability to see things through, to find a way no matter what, makes him the ideal problem solver, team facilitator, tour promoter and logistics coordinator. He’s a disciplined self-manager who thrives on getting it right and always looks for ways to improve.

When he’s not at work, you can find him playing with his labrador, Marnie, or discussing US TV politics (trying to get to the essence of why one show survives while another doesn’t, for example), or immersing himself in the diverse and visually enticing world of Studio Ghibli (Think Laputa: Castle in the Sky or My Neighbor Totoro).

Harri likes to transform the world around him from chaos to order, from murky to sparkly. If he was a super-hero he would be an anti-chaos transformer who could teleport instantly to anywhere in the universe, create order out of chaos, teleport back and be home in time to walk the dog.

If you've had a performance from NZ Playhouse, whether you saw him or not, Super-Harri was the man who made it happen.

Harrison Ryder