Connie O'Callaghan


Connie grew up in a small rural town on the West Coast of New Zealand called Seddonville. She spent her primary school years at Granity School where she was the only female student in her final year, and her high school years at Buller High School. As an avid reader, she was drawn to acting when she realised that although she couldn’t actually become the characters in the books she read, she could pretend to be them! (To quote Sir Ian McKellan, acting is all about pretending!)

She began her acting journey as Jasmine in a school production of Aladdin and in 2015 she moved to Christchurch to attend the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA) and pursue her passion. After graduating at the end of last year, she is now ready to get the show on the road! (Literally).

Having come from a small rural area herself, one of the things Connie is most looking forward to about being on the road with Playhouse this year is visiting the smaller rural schools, getting to meet all the kids there and giving them the chance to see an awesome show!