The Tortoise and the Hare

By Gregory Cooper • For ages 5-13

With a top speed of 64 km/h, everyone knows the Hare is the fastest animal around. Even after thrashing all the rats in races, every day is still a rat race for the flash, brash harebrained Hare with speed extraordinaire. They just can’t stop boasting and gloating about their incredible veolcity!

In fact, the only animal the Hare hasn’t beaten in a race is the Tortoise. But with a top speed of only 0.27 km/h, that wouldn’t be a race, that would be a walk-over. Or would it? Maybe this Tortoise has a few tricks under their shell to put the Hare in second place once and for all!

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For ages 5-13

New Zealand 2019 Pricing:

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Regular (book after 1st January 2019): $5.50 per student, minimum total amount of $715 for audiences of less than 130.

Earlybird (book by 31st December 2018): $5 per student, minimum total $650 for audiences of less than 130.

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