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Soon to be announced: 2019 High School Show

By Soon to be announced • For ages 11-18 (particularly good for seniors)

We're just nailing down the last details of our 2019 tour but here are some of the things we can say:

  1. We've heard a lot of drama teachers want a play they can study in more depth for the students to reflect on
  2. We will retain many elements that make it educational for the English curriculum and other areas of the drama curriculum. 
  3. Our 2019 high school tour will only happen in New Zealand in term 1 (sorry Aussies!)
  4. We're most likely to bring a new Shakespeare themed show... but it's going to be different from our As You Write It show which you may have had!
  5. We'll always guarantee to make you laugh and enjoy yourself with every show we tour.

Interested? Get in touch now, and we can give you more of a heads up :-)

ORANGE 0988edit2


For ages 11-18 (particularly good for seniors)

New Zealand 2019 Pricing:

(For Australian pricing, click here)

Regular (book after 1st January 2019): $5.50 per student, minimum total amount of $715 for audiences of less than 130.

Earlybird (book by 31st December 2018): $5 per student, minimum total $650 for audiences of less than 130.

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