Resources for Teachers

Each year we write the plays, prepare the actors, make the costumes and set and tour our troupe around the country so that your school can have fantastic theatre in your own environment. As well as the performances, we also provide you, the teachers, with lesson plans and ideas so that you can more easily incorporate the performance into your lesson planning.

Hey, also, if you've got questions, give us a buzz or check out the FAQ page!

  • Relevant

    the plays are student-focused and meaningful

  • Engaging

    the plays have students (and teachers) laughing and interacting from start to finish

  • Customised

    we tailor to your students and your space

  • Saves time

    we provide teacher’s packs to integrate the performance into your learning plans

  • Budget friendly

    fantastic competitive value for you

The Resources

These booklets will help you prepare your students for the show and make the most of the performance including follow-up lessons for reinforcement and further extension of your students. Ask us to post you some posters, or if you're in a hurry you can use your school's printer to print the poster to put up in your staff room etc to remind people that we're coming.

They are curriculum based and designed to help you incorporate our performance into your lesson planning. There are lessons in a range of curriculum areas including Literacy and English, Drama, Health and even Numeracy or Maths. They also include some great websites to visit for more information and resources.

Telling your school families

It’s helpful to promote our arrival to your colleagues, students and parents so they are prepared for our arrival. You may want to copy this text into an email, an e-newsletter or your school website. Please find below two different versions of a suggested insert – one for schools who have had Playhouse before and one for when Playhouse is performing for the first time.

When you've had us before...

Helpful e-newsletter inserts for those who have had Playhouse perform before.

If this is your first time with us...

Here is a helpful e-newsletter insert for your school magazine or website for those who have not had Playhouse perform before.


If you've enjoyed our shows, we’d love you to share about us with your friends, fellow teachers, school suppliers and so on. If you’ve taken photos during the shows, please share them on Facebook and tag us in it.